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 Creature on my Roof!

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PostSubject: Creature on my Roof!   Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:24 am

Ever since I was little I have seen shadow people. .I thought I was seeing things until I read more about them and my mother and friends confessing that they have seen them too.

Anyways one night a few years ago I was with my friend Josh and we were sitting on the front porch and we heard a scratching noise on the roof and when we looked up we saw this black creature with no neck and red glowing eyes no other facial features, and it was BIG. It leaned over and stared at us and then it quickly scurried away making scratching noises. Me and Josh were stunned and didn't know what to think...A couple years passed and I was sitting in the backyard at the corner of the house with my old friend AJ. We were just sitting there talking, minding our own buisness, when Aj looks up and he screams and when I look up that same creature was staring at us from the roof! The exact same creature that me and Josh saw! I wondered what it could be...a demon? a Shadow being? An alien? It kind of reminded me of the moth man how it had no neck and stuff. I don't know, I don't even live where the mothman has been seen. It could have just been cloaked and gave the illusion of no neck...I don't know, it still bugs me to this day, I wish I knew what it was. I hear stuff moving around in the attic from time to time and I've only just looked in there once since we moved to this house which is about 10-11 years. Strange things happen to me all the time...The paranormal is said to stalk my moms side of the family, I've heard so many stories and seen soo many things over the years. Any Ideas on what this thing on my roof could be?

please let me know what you think

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Creature on my Roof!
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