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 What is your Superstition?

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PostSubject: What is your Superstition?    Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:26 am

What superstition do you truly believe in? For example knocking on wood so something bad wont happen or something to that extent. How does your superstition effect you? Are you obsessive with a superstition? Like do you have an obsessive fear of a certain superstition? What rituals do you preform in your superstition? How bad does it get? For example: If a black cat crosses your path do you get a panic attack or live in fear that something bad will happen for the rest of the day? Superstitions don't really effect me or my life much. I like black cats, lol. I don't even worry about Friday the 13th. And some people wont even leave their homes on Friday the 13th in fear that something horrible will happen if they do. But I do find myself knocking on wood at times but that's only when I am dead serious. Just to be safe.... Anyways let's hear about you!
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What is your Superstition?
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