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 Alien Dream | Date: early july 20??

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PostSubject: Alien Dream | Date: early july 20??    Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:57 am

I can’t quite remember how it started but I remember parts. This dream was very realistic and strange. One part I was in this big place with a bunch of people telling me to hurry and get dressed and be perfect. I got mad so I went into this one room with a huge pool in it. It was more of a big fountain that was turned off. It was elegant and pretty, yet grungy. I felt someone was after me and I felt angry at he same time so I jumped in and stated to breathe in the water and tried to drown and I floated to the bottom and looking up through the water I saw a light then a stair case appeared right next to me under the water. And then this alien walks down it. And I was like “ god damn it let me die”. Then I was on a table in this white place and I could like see everything and even myself, and I could also see through my eyes and I was bald. And this alien was standing next to me and said something about giving me my hair back and then it put something on my head and it like whited out. Then I saw this baby crawling in a white space and every time it moved hair grew. Then it whited out again and I can’t remember what happened next but if I do I will add it in.
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Alien Dream | Date: early july 20??
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