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 Shadow Cat

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PostSubject: Shadow Cat   Thu Oct 14, 2010 5:47 am

I see this cat shadow all the time and I see it everywhere in the house. I know that it's not my cats because everytime I see it they are no where near that area that I saw it. Usually it looks like its licking the self then running off. But some times I see it just sitting there. And sometimes I see it just walking around...Anyone else have had similar experiences with these shadow cats? It's kind of freaky but I know it means no's just here. What do you think?

Oh and another weird thing about it is that cat I see is all black but I can distinguish the 3-D effect...for example I can see it almost as a real cat I can distinguish its head and body and tail...ect....but it's all black, no eyes or anything. I also heard banging noises in the kitchen and all the cats would be right in front of me and when I go to check out the kitchen there is nothing there and nothing is out of place..
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Shadow Cat
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