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 By Her Grave

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PostSubject: By Her Grave    Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:30 pm

Lingering in the mystery of her self-murder, he awaits by her grave. Searching the darkness for a reason to continue his own existence. Clutching onto the ring he had given her. The coldness of the night whispers to him as he pulls out his dagger. He screams to the sky, but never was an answer. Just the harsh nipping wind sounding as demonic laughter. 'What a fool' the eerie ghosts whisper. Full of sadness he carves into his wrists. He lies by her grave, the grave of his love, which will forever be missed. As he lay there dieing he remembers their last kiss. The softness of her skin, the tenderness of her touch. One last breath he slips away. Never again to see the light of day. Thus still he waits in the darkness, by her grave. Mourning in pain, for he can't be saved. Trapped his hell, he cannot escape. For life without her is meaningless, thus so is death. Nevermore to see her face. Damned to spend eternity, by her grave.

© Rachel Livingston
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By Her Grave
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