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 Random Burst of Beauty

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PostSubject: Random Burst of Beauty    Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:40 pm

At true moments of beauty I become entranced within the moment and become one with pureness of it

Beauty can be totally random and unexpected.

I went out into my garage, turned on the light and opened the door which lead to the back yard..

And for some strange reason the light flickered into a dim calming haze...

It wasn't the artificial yellow glow of most the light bulbs in the house..

It was more of a natural flowing moonlight, calming and pure..

It only lit up a small area and I was in the center...

I noticed that the air was fresh...moist but not humid..

It had stormed all day...

It was now resting..

I could hear the sky breathing...

The sky was a grayish purple, lit up by the moon..

So perfect...

I soon forgot about where I was, and why I was there, and what I was doing..

And I stared and absorbed the beauty of the moment..

In a trance I could feel the energy flowing around me..

It was so peaceful and calming..

The random burst of beauty, and energy from the simplest things lasted about

10 minutes...

But it will be permanently imprinted within my mind forever...

© Rachel Livingston
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Random Burst of Beauty
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