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 When I was a Kid....

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PostSubject: When I was a Kid....   Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:14 am

What are some things you did when you were little? Any funny stories? Let's hear em'. As a young child I used to be afraid of those little flags at car dealerships and I called them "Thumpkins". I loved to run on all fours like an animal. All my barbies where naked. I would karaoke a lot with a cheap one my dad bought for me. i loved the songs "Born the be Wild" and "Loveshack". I ripped my mother's ear ring out when I was a baby. I loved the book series "Animorphs". I always got my R's and W's mixed up. I would say outside barefoot in the summer until i was pure red. And I could go on and on lol. What about you?
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When I was a Kid....
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