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 Evolution and God

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PostSubject: Evolution and God   Wed Oct 20, 2010 4:58 am

I remember when I was in a catholic grade school the whole big controversy of teaching evolution in school broke out. What are your views? Some people say that "God" created us. Others say Evolution. And I say why not both? Why was it such a big deal to teach it or not in school when both are possible. What I mean is God could have created us and we evolved on our own, right? That would make sense. I don't think we all of a sudden appeared here as in Adam and Eve and they looked like we do now for millions of years, ya know? We didn't start out looking "human". I don't think so anyways. You also got to think that over the years we have evolved and adapted and maybe if we were this way millions of years ago we wouldn't have survived. Maybe we needed the extra primate fur to keep us warm or something for example. On another note: Doesn't it say somewhere that there is a separation between church and state? Or something like that I am rusty with the government stuff. So why was it a big deal to teach evolution in schools? I heard a lot of people say "It's wrong! We shouldn't be teaching out kids that! God created us!" Well, it's separation between church and state right? They should teach it in school, it's science.And like I said God and evolution can still exist together! But to each their own...What are your views?
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Evolution and God
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