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 Marijuana VS Alcohol

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PostSubject: Marijuana VS Alcohol    Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:56 am

Which do you think should be legal or illegal. I think pot should be legal because people are mellow on it and usually don't get violent or out of control like people who drink. It makes no sense how alcohol is legal and pot isn't when alcohol seems more dangerous, like drinking and driving for example, a lot of drinkers don't know their limits and get themselves into a lot of trouble. as for pot heads, they usually just sit around being high and mellow and lazy. I have not met one person who has gotten violent from smoking pot. You still have a sense of control when you smoke unlike when you drink you kind of lose that control. You can also walk high lol unlike when your all drunk stumbling around and falling over. What do you think? Pot or Alcohol?
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Marijuana VS Alcohol
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